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No Land For Humans

Alias K

Genre: Techno
Catalogue: ER-TEC011
Date release: 2020-07-23
BPM: 128 (No Land For Humans), 130 (Rah), 127 (Amazonia)

This EP comes from a dream Alias K had on a tormented night, about all the contrasted feelings she faced lately. As she tells us, the artist finds herself in the Amazonian forest, the world is transforming into the forest where humans in the actual form are not really welcomed.
She cannot breathe (probably because we are wearing these masks all the time nowadays), the Amazonian forest is closing itself off from humans.
She feels in danger, running away from all the angry animals of the forest, and it makes her feel like this is not really a land for humans, and then she wakes up.

“No Land for Humans“, as the artist decided to name the EP, as it resembles the meaning beneath this dream/actual situation inspired Album. A 128 bpm minimal deep techno track. The obscurity of this track is broken by the special which starts in the middle of the track with a powerful break. This part, formed by different Pads and a breathtaking and reckless buildup, it’s a moment of radiance the artist wanted to build, the soft part of the dreaming itself, it’s the desire to reach that light back again in our lives, the wish to wake up and to say that it was just a dream after all.

“Rah“, a more dark and deep techno track, makes you feel in danger with this sense of continuity generated by the main synth across the whole song. Then the strong and deep pad increases this presentment of fear and the urge to run away.

“Amazonia“, is a techno house piece with an impetuous rhythm and a particular hypnotic synth that reminds the artist of nasty monkeys following her and repetitive vocals that like sort of trying to trap her in an enchantment. Something like a ritual feeling in the middle of a forest.

Neexnova - Existential


Genre: Melodic House 
Catalogue: ER-MH002
Date release: 2019-11-03
BPM: 125

Existential is an ode to the universe composed by the duo Neexnova.
Greatness, mystery, disorientation, introspection, fascination, unease and energy are all the different elements and sensations that the audience will feel during this journey towards infinity.

Stardust will project us to the boundaries of the universe through the wide range of synth frequencies and a strong bass.

Elisium will be an introspection thanks to which we will ask ourselves: how small are we compared to the universe? What is our aim?

These are all questions to which we cannot find an answer, therefore this mystery conveys anxiety.

Dont Wait Me - Subsoil

Genre: Techno 
Catalogue: ER-TEC001
Date release: 2019-09-27
BPM: 126

Subsoil celebrates the greatness and the power of nature.

A simple yet complex soundtrack characterized by a maniacal use of filters, ambient and industrial sounds, aiming at inspiring amazement and fear. Great magnificence is provoked thanks to a sharp and intense kick followed by captivating deep bass sounds.
The peculiar use of two different drops creates a unique, one of a kind soundtrack.

The calm after the storm!