DEMO, only private link Soundcloud at:

PROMO, for our podcast Esosphere at:

DEMO, only private link Soundcloud at:

PROMO, for our podcast Esosphere at:

Techno – Melodic House – Tech House 

Record Label

Our aim is to tell a story!

Techno – Melodic House – Tech House
Record Label
Our aim is to tell a story!


Everything began with a dinner in a pizzeria during the summer of 2019. While fantasizing about many things we thought: “Let’s try. What’s the worst that can happen?”. 
That’s how Earthemia was founded. An Italian Techno and Melodic House record label, created by two young guys.

The name was not randomly chosen, it translates to “blood of the Earth”, since one of our aims is to be able to convey emotions (metaphysical elements) and transport them into the earthly world.

Earthemia is not only a label, but also a family to share one’s own emotions with, a team to collaborate with to make one’s dreams come true, a spiritual meeting point between producers and fans.

looking for

Tracks that tell a storyor that transmit an emotion that the producer feels when he creates the track. 

As far as the Techno tracks are concerned, we prefer the ones with ambient sounds, emotive melodies characterized by deep accompanying sounds, a sophisticated break that can convey emotions, starring kicks surrounded by industrial sound effects. 

In other words we have to like it.

Last but not least, our Melodic House music simply has to convey emotions and sensations.


Our tracks were praised by DJs such as Ilario Alicante, Boxia, MoUnique, Ingrid, Ahl lver, Strinner and many more.


Our lable is characterized by three genres: Techno, Melodic House and Tech House, that can be easily told apart from the colour and style of the cover:


Melodic House

Tech House


Earthemia’s podcast.
Every episode is a journey at the edge of the World.

Lasting almost one hour, they feature emotional intros that will lead you to the discovery of the most intimate sphere of every producer.
Enjoy your trip!

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We create digital strategies that convert visitors into targeted and ready to buy customers.

3D artist specialised VFX

With a graphic design background, we create bold and effective visuals for brands and movies.

Ego studio

Ego is a network of professionals who work in the field of design at 360 degrees. 

Official translator

Born in Canada but raised in Italy. Italian, English, French, Spanish.


DEMO, only private link Soundcloud at:

PROMO, for our podcast Esosphere at:

Neexnova - Existential


Genre: Melodic House 
Catalogue: ER-MH002
Date release: 2019-11-03
BPM: 125

Existential is an ode to the universe composed by the duo Neexnova.
Greatness, mystery, disorientation, introspection, fascination, unease and energy are all the different elements and sensations that the audience will feel during this journey towards infinity.

Stardust will project us to the boundaries of the universe through the wide range of synth frequencies and a strong bass.

Elisium will be an introspection thanks to which we will ask ourselves: how small are we compared to the universe? What is our aim?

These are all questions to which we cannot find an answer, therefore this mystery conveys anxiety.

Dont Wait Me - Subsoil

Genre: Techno 
Catalogue: ER-TEC001
Date release: 2019-09-27
BPM: 126

Subsoil celebrates the greatness and the power of nature.

A simple yet complex soundtrack characterized by a maniacal use of filters, ambient and industrial sounds, aiming at inspiring amazement and fear. Great magnificence is provoked thanks to a sharp and intense kick followed by captivating deep bass sounds.
The peculiar use of two different drops creates a unique, one of a kind soundtrack.

The calm after the storm!